Koh, Birney, Crandall


Koh, Birney, Crandall

Record Summary

Sample Results

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Source Object Information


  • Farsam, Hassan, Massoud Amanlou, Gholamreza Amin, Gholamreza Nezamivand-Chegini, Mohammad-Hossain Salehi-Surmaghi, & Abbas Shafiee. Anatomical and Phytochemical Study of Lilium ledebourii (Baker) Boiss., a Rare Endemic Species in Iran. Daru: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11, 4. Biomed Central. 2003. 164-170.

Extraction Notes

  • Archem id: ARCHEM4503
  • Gcms analysis date: 2017-08-17
  • Site id: oa2017sit3
  • Source id: oa2017sou5
  • Equipment id: oa2017equ12
  • Extraction id: oa2017ext14
  • Chromatogram id: oa2017chr11
  • Author id: 2
  • Sample type: legacy object
  • Sample quality: 1
  • Quality notes: Unguentaria stored on site at Ashkelon

Extraction Protocol

  • Oa id: oa2017ext14
  • Solvent: ethanol
  • Swished: true
  • Notes: Interior face lightly scored with metal tool; Ethanol boiled, poured into object, swished 2x; Each swish was filtered hot into collection/transport vial; Filters saved
  • Date: 24-06-2017
  • Location: Ashkelon
  • Number: 2