Tourloti - Plakalona

Record Summary

Site Information

  • Site Name: Tourloti - Plakalona
  • Geographic Coordinates: 35.159722, 25.938056 Atlas
  • Dates Excavated: 1905-1906
  • Director: Richard Seager
  • Notes: LM III cemetery located down the slope from the modern town of Tourloti. The tombs at the site have seen several independent excavations from 1900 onward.

Objects Tested from Site

Object Type Date Current Location
stirrup jar Late Minoan IIIC Early University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


  • Paschalidis, C.. The LMIII cemetery at Tourloti, Siteia : the "Xanthoudidis master" and the octopus style in East Crete. British archaeological reports., International series, 1917. Oxford: Archaeopress. 2009.