stirrup jar MS4494


Object MS4494. Courtesy of the Penn Museum.


Helen Wong, Ian Roy, Brandeis DH Lab

Record Summary

Source Information

  • Find Site: Tourloti - Plakalona
  • Relative Date: Late Minoan IIIC Early
  • Object Type: stirrup jar
  • Petrography:


  • Betancourt, PP. Minoan Objects Excavated from Vasilike, Pseira, Sphoungaras, Priniatikos Pyrgos, and Other Sites. Vol. 1 of The Cretan Collection in the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. 1983.


  • Soil sample: false
  • Notes: Marine style; globular; Fine, pink (7.5YR 7/4 to 5YR 7/4) clay with decoration in reddish brown (5YR 5/3) to dark reddish brown (5YR 3/2) paint
  • Object condition: One handle and mouth of spout missing, otherwise intact; surface eroded
  • Object type: stirrup jar
  • Published: true
  • Object url:
  • Date: Late Minoan IIIC Early
  • Excavation date: 1905-1906
  • Current location: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Institution id: MS4494
  • Absolute date: 1175 BCE
  • Production location: western Siteia foothills
  • Site id: oa2017sit1


  • Oa id: oa2017sit1
  • Geo coords: 35.159722, 25.938056
  • Name: Tourloti - Plakalona
  • Notes: LM III cemetery located down the slope from the modern town of Tourloti. The tombs at the site have seen several independent excavations from 1900 onward.
  • Director id: oa2017per3
  • Date: 1905-1906
  • Atlas url:
  • Region: Crete